Chipotle- serving up a little GMO Free with a side of bull.

I’d like to say I feel sorry for Chipotle.. but i don’t.

First the news that 99 people were sickened after eating at a  Simi Valley, CA Chipotle restaurant  in mid-August and that there were multiple code violations found at the restaurant when they were inspected by Public Health Officials.  We came to the understanding that “Food with Integrity” may not mean food safety.

NOW we find out that there is a class action lawsuit against Chipotle for serving GMO food in it’s restaurants even though it advertises that their food is GMO free.   Food with Integrity slogan  is getting a little shaky.

The lawsuit — which has been filed on behalf of all California consumers who purchased Chipotle after April 27, 2015 — further alleges that Chipotle’s menu has never been completely GMO-free. The lawsuit says that the restaurants serve popular soda brands which make their drinks with corn syrup — an ingredient which is often made with GMO corn. CBS writes that Chipotle has made a disclaimer in the past saying that there is “not much it can do about genetically modified feed given to animals” the chain uses for its food. Previously, the chain claimed that except for a few items such as its tortillas, the majority of the menu was already GMO-free.


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