Marty Zaluski, MT State Vet, Appointed as Department of Livestock Interim Executive Officer

Marty Zaluski, Montana State Veterinarian, was appointed the Interim Executive Officer of the Montana Department of Livestock, September 25, 2015  during the 4pm Conference Call by the Board of Livestock.

Brett DeBruycker as Chair of the Personal Committee, recommended the appointment of  Dr Zaluski to the Interim EO position.  DeBruycker  lauded that Zaluski has a good handle on the workings of not only the Animal Health Division but the whole Department.  He has experience and understanding the of Department.

John Scully agreed that the recommendation was appropriate as Zaluski is very well skilled to take on the job.

He has managed his employee base very well with evaluations twice a year. He has managed difficult political situations. In the process I have not always agreed with it.  He handled the professional end of his position with a great deal of  ethical consideration and straight forwardness. He has met the public well in difficult circumstances. So I glad he is willing to accept the job at the pay offered.

The negotiated terms are as follows. (the letter is still to be signed by the BOL Chairperson and Zaluski)

Marty Zaluski, DVM
Marty Zaluski, DVM

Zaluski will remain a Classified State Employee with all the employment rights that currently go with his position.

He duties expand to include  both those of the State Veterinarian and the Executive Officer of the Department.

The Board of Livestock will compensate Zaluski at the rate of $51.74 per hour during the term of the appointment. At the end of the appointment his salary will revert back to his current  pay as State Veterinarian.

The term will extend from September 28 to December 31, 2015.  The Appointment will terminate on December 31, 2015.  The term will also terminate immediately if a permanent EO is hired.  Either the BOL or Zaluski will be able to terminate the term sooner with a 14 day written notice. If no  EO is found by Dec 31 an agreement between both Dr. Zaluski and the BOL can extend the term.

Zaluski will be allowed to advise the BOL in the hiring of a permanent EO. If Zaluski should decide to apply for the position he would  recluse himself from advising the Board.

Marty Clark job has also  expanded from Assistant Brands Administrator  to Interim Brands Administrator.


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