2014 Bull Buck’s Winner Goes to Town

Buy Local  Genetics as You Deserve the Best.

Kenny Berthelote of the Green Coulee Ranch in the Sweet Grass Hills,  won the $800 BULL BUCKS pot at the 2014 Prime Rib and Rib Tickler event in Shelby MT.  Berthelote used his BUCKS to purchase a bull private Treaty from  BULL BUCKS Sponsor DaroldBull bucks winner Tomsheck, Tomscheck Angus.  Berthelote is still celebrating the win and purchase.

The Forth Annual Bull Bucks Plus Drawing will be held November 14, 2015 at the Prime Rib and Rib Tickler. It’s not too late to become eligible, so join Marias River Livestock Association today.

All Active member of Marias River Livestock Association are eligible to be put in the drawing at the Annual Event November 14, 2015 at the Civic Center in Shelby Montana.

How it works: Participating Registered Bull Breeders and Seed Stock Female Producers and now Registered Sheep Producers each contribute $50 for the “POT.” At the Prime Rib and Rib Tickler Event a lucky winner will be drawn from the current Marias River Livestock Association, Active Membership to receive a Bull Bucks Voucher. The Voucher is good towards the purchase of Registered Bulls or Seed Stock Females or Ram/Ewe from the participating Breeders/Producers.

The amount of the Voucher depends on the number of Breeders/Producers who participate in the program. Currently the Voucher is worth $800.  The Voucher is good only for cattle or sheep purchases from the participating Breeders/Producers and cannot be redeemed for cash.  The Association keeps no money. All funds are placed in the POT for the winning member’s Bull Bucks Plus Voucher.

To purchase tickets to the Prime Rib and Rib Tickler Event, November 14, 2015, Shelby Civic Center.  Call Rick & Lana Schock at 937-6400.   Memberships can be paid at the door to be eligible for the BULL BUCKS. Need not be a member to attend the Event.  Kyle Shobe and the Walk’em Boys  will be the Entertainment and Dick Kinyon and crew will be catering the Prime Rib Dinner.


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