The Seed of Advocacy

Trees that Karl plantedAs I look out my back door our pasture and the Sweet Grass Hills are framed by large blue spruce  that my grandfather, Karl Nutter, planted in the 1950’s after he built “the new house.”  They are tall and protect the house and yard from the bitter winter winds and the scorching sun in the summer.  When he planted them, I’m sure they didn’t look like much and were more work to keep alive than protection from weather.

Advocacy is like that.  We plant the seeds by attending a meeting, writing a letter, or organizing an educational event.  The world is rarely changed by that moment, but over time, with continual watering and tending to those seeds will take hold and grow.

Last night the Marias River Livestock Board spent 4 hours planning what we would pour our hearts and souls into next year for seeds.   We looked at what we had accomplished in the past 5 years and determined how to move forward.   I hope you continue with us as we plant seeds and tend the growing trees. I hope you continue to grow with us.

Maggie Nutter, President, Marias River Livestock Association



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