If you Absentee Vote, Please ensure you remain registered for the 2016 Federal Election

MT Sec State Linda

Funny that here in the middle of winter, when  Snow Birds have flown south,  they will receive in the mailed the form to ensure they stay registered to receive an Absentee Ballot.

This is important to exercise your right to vote.  Carry on.

Secretary McCulloch Reminds Voter of Upcoming Absentee Confirmation

Helena, MT— This month County Election Offices will mail all registered absentee voters an address confirmation form to ensure that absentee voters remain on the list to be mailed ballots for the 2016 federal elections.

“Even if your mailing address did not change you must complete the form, sign and return to the county election office in order to remain on the list to have ballots mailed to you for 2016 and 2017,” McCulloch said.

This year  new legislation has made it possible for absentee voters to confirm their mailing address using email. Voters must simply follow the directions on the form and email their county election administrator the required information.

“It’s important that voters return the form as soon as possible to ensure that their mailing address is updated if necessary and so they do not miss any elections for which they are eligible,” McCulloch said.

If a voter does not receive a confirmation form in the mail, but wants to be on the list to have ballots mailed to them, they can  visit the Secretary of State’s website at sos.mt.gov and sign up.


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