Online Registration now open for Montana’s Next Generation Conf

Kevin Spaffor addresses a full house
Kevin Spafford interacts with people attending the Succession portion of the conference. This year Kevin has lots of new information and tasks for participants.


To big of a hurry to print, fill out and mail registration forms? Or perhaps your house is like mine, and the envelope stuffed with a  check has been sitting here on the counter for the last week. If it would only grow legs and walk to the pick-up and mailbox.

Well take the easy way.  Simple register online for the Montana’s Next Generation Conference.

There will be new speakers and information  but  we are also doing repeats of the good stuff from the last few years.  It is always a fun time when you are with good people and the people who attend agriculture event usually fit that bill.

We look forward to seeing you.

Full agenda and more information can be found at


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