Montana Bison Association selects new officers

The Montana Bison Association held their Annual Winter Meeting January 8 and 9th at the Holiday Inn Express in Bozeman, Montana.  Approximately 60 people were in attendance to listen to the presentations on sustainable bison ranching, estate planning and mobile bison slaughter.  Elections were held for two Director Positions and officers for 2016 were installed. Directors and officers are Aaron Paulson, Alder, President, Roland Kroos, Bozeman, Vice President and Julia Arnold, Conrad, Secretary/Treasurer, Steve Kroon, Manhattan, Tim Gardipee, Missoula, and Craig Denny, Park City.

Montana Bison Assn Board of Directors cropped

Montana Bison Association Officers and Directors for 2016. Roland Kroos, Vice President,  Craig Denny, Aaron Paulson, President,  Tim Gardipee, Steve Kroon, and Julia Arnold, Secretary/Treasurer.

President, Aaron Paulson stated, “ The demand for bison meat continues to increase and the prices for live bison is holding strong. On the contrary our friends in the beef industry are currently on a downward trend. This is an important time for all of us to make sure we are making every effort possible to produce the best product we can for the consumer and to be aware that every single consumer counts.  We are fortunate to be raising these magnificent animals and it is within each of our hands to ensure the consumer is getting exactly what they expect.”


Outgoing Secretary/Treasurer, Julie Reddig, Luster, was honored for her 6 years of service as in that position and for having been a member since the formation of the Montana Bison Association since its formation in 1999. Reddig and her husband Dave have raised bison and she is very dedicated to promoting the bison industry.


Julie Reddig  and Aaron Paulson  cropped
Outgoing Secretary/Treasurer Julie Reddig was honored for her 6 years of service in that position and for her membership that has lasted since the Montana Bison Association was formed in 1999.



Dave Carter from the National Bison Association was on hand to encourage the formation of committee to assist in the planning and fund raising for the 5 International Bison Conference to be held July 4-7, 2017, in Big Sky, MT.   Between 400 and 500 bison producers and enthusiast are expected to attend.  The conference will be a collaborative effort between the National Bison Association, The Canadian bison Association and the Montana Bison Association.

Dave Carter  cropped
Dave Carter, Executive Director of the National Bison Association was on hand at the MBA Winter Meeting to give up dates on the industry and discuss preparation for the upcoming 2017 International Bison Conference to be held in Big Sky, MT.   Carter reiterated that two of the issue facing the bison industry at this point is shortage of bison for meat and the need to get more people into bison ranching.  The demand for bison meat is higher than supply. Over 34% of the bison USDA slaughtered are currently Canadian animals. They are needed to keep the supply chain full.


To kick off fund raising for the event Shiloh Sharps Gun Co. is crafting 15 unique reproduction 1874 Sporter No. 3 rifles specifically for the 2017 IBC. Thirteen of these specially engraved and numbered rifles will be pre-sold at $5000 each. Contact Dave Carter, 303-292-2833 for more information on how to purchase a rifle.  An action will be held at the Conference for one riffle and raffle tickets are being sold for the rifle numbered IBC001. Tickets can be purchased from Montana bison Association Members. Call Aaron Paulson for more information on how to get your raffle tickets.

Other speakers at the Conference included Marsha Goetting, MSU Extention, presented on different scenarios of what happens if you die without a will. Roland Kroos, who has been teaching Holistic Management since 1986, presented on grass management. Dr. Carter Kruse, Director of Natural Resources with Turner Enterprises, gave examples of what is happening on Turners ranches that help restore mostly aquatic endangered species and preserves their habitat.  There was also an impromptu presentation by Colton Jones, Procurement Manager for Wild Idea Bison Co.   Wild Idea is a newly licensed in Montana; mobile bison slaughter facility and online bison meat marketing company.

Margaret wilhlem cowgirl poet cropped
Friday and Saturday night the attendees were served meals created with bison meat and a lot of laughter by Cowgirl Poet and cattle rancher, Margaret Wilhelm, White Sulphur Springs, MT. 

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