Public Alert Notification System to help keep your family safe

Public Alert Notification System (PANS)

You just never know when an extreme weather event, accident or disaster might strike. Toole County’s Public Alert Notification System (PANS) allows the Toole County Sheriff’s Department to quickly notify you in the case of a large scale emergency.  Wildfires, tornados, winter storms, power outages and who knows what all can happen in an instant.   The ability to protect your family and property from harm is increased by knowing about a oncoming fire or storm.   Living in a rural area can make notifying citizens of weather or fires difficult. By signing up for the PANS system you will receive a text on your phone to alert you to situations that may adversely affect you.

Toole County is in the process of getting the PANS system up and going. In Toole County you can register by going to and scrolling down to the Public Alert Notification System (PANS).  We hope to keep you updated on the process with these systems in the local area.

While we all appreciate the warning and information we receive via radio, the PANS is just one more way to keep people and property safe.


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