Bison What now?

Bison (what now?) Perhaps some of you saw the Montana Fish and Wildlife released the new Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) Final Record of Decision for bison as wildlife in Montana.  It was a long in the making or maybe it is better to say a long time before being released.   The process for this EIS … More Bison What now?

MRLA VP appointed to Governor’s Council

In April, the Governor announced that he was forming a Grizzly Bear Advisory Council, and was soliciting members of the public that have a vested interest in grizzly bears to apply. After spending months sorting through 157 applications, the Governor’s office finally announced today that Marias River Livestock Association’s Vice President, Trina Jo Bradley, was … More MRLA VP appointed to Governor’s Council

MSGA Rescinds Membership of APR

(Reprinted from MSGA Newsletter) Recently, the American Prairie Reserve (APR) joined MSGA as an Allied Industry member.  APR utilized our online ecommerce system via the website to join. MSGA’s ecommerce system is designed much like every other membership organization, that as you sign up and pay electronically, you are automatically a member.  As a result, … More MSGA Rescinds Membership of APR

HB 478 An Unwise Choice- Loosening the transfer laws of diseased bison

All 50 of the United States are considered to have a  Brucellosis Free status.  Montana, Idaho and Wyoming are allowed that status due to the Designated Surveillance Area (DSE) where vaccination of livestock and extensive monitoring of the disease in livestock and wildlife is carried out.   The Montana, Idaho, Wyoming DSA is the last reservoir … More HB 478 An Unwise Choice- Loosening the transfer laws of diseased bison